Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Mens Spandex Bodysuit

If you
haven’t had a chance to wear a mens Spandex bodysuit, then you have no idea
what you are missing. These suits are some of the most comfortable things I
have ever worn in my entire life and, if I could, I would wear nothing except them
every single day. Could you imagine a world where everyone was free to wear
whatever they wanted even while they were at work? It would be the most amazing
thing to see all the different clothing options that people would want to wear
being freely accepted by everyone.

I wasn’t
always involved in wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit but, once I found out just
how comfortable they were, I absolutely had to purchase more. I am very glad
that I have a good job because I would probably be bankrupt by now if I had a
job that didn’t pay quite as well as this one. I have been able to budget
myself since I started spending almost an entire paycheck on Spandex bodysuits
shortly after wearing one for the first time. It’s probably a good thing I
don’t have a wife, either, or she wouldn’t be talking to me over that.

Some of the
people that I know simply don’t understand why I would choose to wear a mens Spandex
bodysuit. I just tell them they don’t have to understand it. They just have to
accept the fact that I find it enjoyable and deal with their feelings about it
on their own. They have plenty of fetishes that I know about and don’t
understand, but I don’t judge them and they shouldn’t judge me, either.
Thankfully, I have some really good friends that don’t judge me for it, even if
they do think that I look a little funny walking around my house in a full spandex bodysuit.


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