Mens Spandex Bodysuit Fetish

Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Mens Spandex Bodysuit Fetish

If you have
ever worn a mens Spandex bodysuit before, then you know exactly why items like
this have become so popular lately. If you haven’t ever worn something like
this, then you are probably wondering why anyone out there would even consider
putting it on. After all, the most common Spandex suit is the one that divers
use and how could you possibly get any kind of sexual satisfaction out of something
that think and unsightly? Well, the answer to that is pretty simple seeing as
how fetish suits aren’t created to the regulations that a divers suit is.

You see,
your typical mens Spandex bodysuit doesn’t need to keep out the cold
temperatures that you can get from diving in the ocean. They also don’t have to
be created to keep you dry. All they have to do is give you a form fitting and
slightly constrictive feel so that you can enjoy being wrapped up in a very
special material. The Spandex fetish originated from guys wearing diving suits,
but turned into something completely different when the fetish world got a hold
of this type of material. So don’t worry about looking like a diver while
wearing these items because that isn’t even close to what kind of suit you’ll
be wearing.


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One thought on “Mens Spandex Bodysuit Fetish

  1. I have been a diver for almost 15 years now and I will tell you that my Spandex fetish came right from my diving experiences. Of course I didn’t realize that wearing a bodysuit for a fetish would be so different from wearing my wetsuit. I figured that it would pretty much be the same only with lighter material but the truth is there is a lot of difference in what you are getting with a Spandex bodysuit.
    The first thing you will notice is that you have a lot more freedom of movement that you would in your wetsuit. Granted, you have a pretty good range of movement in a wetsuit while underwater. When it’s dry it’s not quite as easy to move around in and tends to pinch in places when you try to sit down. My bodysuit feels almost like I am completely naked and there is absolutely no pinching involved, unless I have my nipple clamps on while I am wearing it. These suits have made my desire for Spandex fetish wear become stronger over the years and that is what you get to look forward to when you are wearing them.

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