Mens Spandex Bodysuit Fetish

Mens Spandex Bodysuit Fetish

If you happen to love wearing a mens Spandex
bodysuit, chances are that you’ve got a bit of a fetish regarding them. Some
men enjoy wearing them around the house on their days off while others want to
wear them all the time. These are the men that will become experts in how to
wear them underneath their everyday clothing. They have devised a plan on how
to wear them under the suits they must wear to work or any other place that
requires suit attire. Other men will wear them constantly no matter where they
are. These men don’t care very much about who sees them dressed this way or
what they think about it. Clearly, they only care that they get to wear

For those wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit, life is a
bit different on a day to day basis. Going out involves a little more planning
and devising a routine that will become a part of their lives. They feel that
it is all worth it, though, because they love the way that Spandex feels as it
encases their bodies. A pair of Spandex underwear or swimsuit won’t do it for
these guys. They must have the full experience, which requires a complete
bodysuit, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.


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Men’s Spandex Bodysuit

The Attraction of a Men’s Spandex Bodysuit

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It’s amazing just how popular a mens Spandex bodysuit has become over the years in terms of fetish wear. This is something that both men and women have become enamored of as Spandex material grew in its celebrity over the years. However, the DuPont Corporation probably didn’t see their new fabric discovery turning into such a fetish affiliated one when they developed it.

It was in the year 1959 that a scientist for the DuPont Corporation named Joseph C. Shivers culminated his 10 years of research that resulted in the material called Spandex. It wasn’t known as Spandex in the beginning. Instead, it was called only Fiber K. Then it was known as Lycra so that their Spandex-like material would stand out among other fabric of this nature.

At first, there wasn’t any such thing as a mens Spandex bodysuit. This material was only used in the making of women’s foundation garments in place of rubber. Spandex is known as Elastane in Europe and other locations in the world. It’s now popular worldwide and is used to make garments for both men and women. These garments include such things as swimsuits, workout clothes, cycling shorts and other items.

Spandex is a polyurethane material that forms a lengthy chain of synthetic polymeric fiber. There are sections of polyester that are rubbery and soft which are known as polyether polyols. This is why the fiber can stretch up to 600 percent and still bounce right back into shape. It also contains firmer sections that are typically urethane-ureas and urethanes. This is where the rigidity in the material comes from, strengthening it while also limiting the flow of plastic.

Few people would have thought the technology involving the creation of DuPont is of such value that anyone would attempt to steal it. However, several years ago this very technology was at the center of a plan to extort money. The DuPont Lycra Spandex plant in Mercedes, Argentina was at the core of this plan. Documents that related to production technology were stolen and held for $10 million ransom. It was finally resolved in Switzerland by the FBI and Swiss police when they put a sting operation into play. Who would have believed that a mens Spandex bodysuit could have such an interesting background?

While the history of Spandex is quite an interesting tale in itself, there are other aspects as to why people around the world enjoy this type of fabric so much. For anyone that continuously works out, it is the material of choice because it allows you to have freedom of movement while maintaining a shapely form that actually helps you during your workouts with blood flow. It is very good at being able to breathe as well and that is extremely important when you are doing strenuous activities, no matter what those activities might end up being.

You will also find that Spandex can be one of the more erotic of materials to be worn. Mens Spandex bodysuit clothing is some of the hottest on the market these days, and you will find out why it’s so popular once you purchase some for yourself. Just think of how interesting your night could turn out with your partner if you walked into the bedroom wearing one of these bodysuits? This is the type of material that makes the erotic clothing industry smile since it is so easy to work with and simple to design with.

Anyone that is interested in Spandex would do well to start looking into how a men’s Spandex bodysuit can change your life forever. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you are going to be getting your dream job and a huge mansion filled with naked women, or men. What it DOES mean is that you can end up with higher self-confidence, which could end up leading you down the path to all of those things. 

You see, most men aren’t comfortable letting other people know about certain fetish aspects in their sexual life. Of course, there are probably some guys out there that should keep some of those fetishes secret for a lot of people, but wearing a men’s Spandex bodysuit is not a fetish that will gain criticism by those that actually know you. In fact, you may look a bit odd to the general public on the street, but they won’t think anything about it if you are wearing a casual Spandex bodysuit while you are shopping or walking your dog. There are plenty of people that will dress in things like Spandex just for the fun of it, and you could end up having one of those fetishes that you can bring right out into the open without anyone actually knowing that it is a fetish with a sexual nature behind it. How great would that be? has quite a lot of erotic and fetish swimwear along with other clothing options for men. They even have some men’s Spandex bodysuit options for any guy that is looking to have some extra fun in the bedroom, or anywhere else you might like to wear something like this. In fact, you could probably find two matching sets so that both you and your partner can have a lot of fun together. Why wouldn’t you want to spend your time together having fun? Consider that erotic Spandex wear is probably one of the best ways to have that fun.

Not every fetish or erotic wear aspect will get you arrested in public, either, and Spandex is one of them. Now, you can’t expect to be able to walk around on a public beach with a thong that has no front on it. However, you CAN wear your mens Spandex bodysuit out on the beach and no one would ever think that you are wearing it as an erotic extension of yourself.

If you have never worn Spandex before, then you need to be aware that you need to make sure you get the right size when you order. If you happen to purchase the wrong size, then you are going to either have a bodysuit that is baggy and way too large or so tight you can’t even put it on without straining. Spandex does have the ability to stretch to a certain degree, but it is also great for constricting as well. This means that you can stretch it to get it over your head but once it gets set into place, then it will start to compress itself into a smaller form. That is one of the reasons why Spandex has had such a high ranking in the fetish world, especially with guys that like the constricting aspect of a fetish.

Unlike some other fetish wear, a men’s Spandex bodysuit can actually be worn underneath your daily clothing. Of course, you will probably not want to wear shorts or things of that nature while you are wearing a full Spandex bodysuit. That decision, however, will be totally up to you and your preferences. There are plenty of men out there in the corporate world that have a fascination with things like Spandex and are more than happy to wear their Spandex bodysuits under their work clothes. They like the feel of having Spandex on them and still being able to hide it from the world. If you are into things like that, then you should look for a mens Spandex bodysuit that has short legs and no sleeves so that you will be more comfortable and you won’t end up sweating as much, either.

Just make sure that you have some kind of a way of getting things taken care of when it comes time for a bathroom break. Nothing is more frustrating than having to go to the bathroom at work and needing to take all of your clothes off in the stall just to get out of your Spandex bodysuit so you can take care of business. It’s almost like being a kid again when you get all bundled up to go out and play in the snow, only to find that once you are all bundled and warm, you have to go to the bathroom. Keep things like this in mind if you are planning on wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit for more than just exercising or erotic fun.

Erotic Spandex bodysuits come in all kinds of styles that will allow you to have fun without even taking the suit off. What other style of erotic wear could give you the comfort and constriction that Spandex gives you with the ability to design a piece that is completely utilitarian by nature? Only Spandex can be used in this way and still maintain its ability to be useful for more than just sexual encounters. In fact, there are way more uses for this material than just a men’s Spandex bodysuit. Just think of all the things you use on a daily basis and you might be surprised to find some aspect of those things have some kind of Spandex equivalent in their creation. It truly is one of the greatest materials that mankind has created and it has changed the very face of history since its inception.

If you have been involved in a Spandex fetish for quite some time, then you already know that it is one of the best materials to be covered up in. Many guys around the world love the fact that Spandex can be purchased in just about any store, and they don’t need to rely on specialty stores or have to worry about people seeing them walking out of those same stores with suspicious packages under their arms. If you are one of those shy people that wants to try out a new fetish, then this is probably the one for you.

Of course, you don’t have to purchase all of your fetish stuff through a specialty store in a major city. You can easily go to places like and find all the mens Spandex bodysuit options that you need to make your fetish the best thing in your life. Just make sure that you share this fetish with a loved one, too. You will find that having a partner that shares your intense love of a fetish will make that fetish and your relationship that much stronger. In fact, there are growing recommendations from marriage counselors around the world that say married couples that are having issues should consider finding a fetish that the two of them can enjoy together. Once they have found that missing piece of their life, they tend to patch things up and live as happily as they ever did before the fetish.

Not every guy is into wearing a men’s Spandex bodysuit, so if you are thinking of purchasing one for your partner you might want to check with him first. If you would like to have one and would like for your partner to become intrigued with the whole idea of having a Spandex fetish, then you should purchase one for yourself and see what your partner has to say about it one night. Most partners are willing to give just about anything a try at least once, and this could be the one thing that they actually enjoy doing with you. If they do end up liking what you look like in a Spandex bodysuit, then you can suggest getting one for them as well. If the two of you are pretty close to the same size and weight, you might even suggest that your partner tries yours on just for fun. Granted, you and your partner will need to be really close to the same size, or it could turn out that your partner will never want to see Spandex ever again. If they try yours on and it fits, then there is a good chance that the two of you can sit down at a computer and look through sites like and find a men’s Spandex bodysuit for your partner that matches the one you have. Nothing says love like having matching spandex bodysuits hanging in your bedroom closet.

With so many different avenues available for sexual fetishes, Spandex is one of those fetishes that seems almost normal to most people. The Internet has brought so much information about things that most people would prefer not to know that it’s hard to find a fetish that is new and unique. The good thing about a Spandex fetish is that you can do much more with a Spandex bodysuit than you can with chains or leather whips.

In fact, if you are any good at using a sewing machine, you can literally turn your mens Spandex bodysuit into a work of fashion art the likes of which the world has never seen before. You could actually change the face of the fetish wear industry overnight by simply making some adjustments of your own bodysuit. There are plenty of things you can do with Spandex that other people might not have thought of before, too. It only takes a little bit of imagination and the ability to put that imagination to work. If you can do that, then the world is your oyster and Spandex can be the way to your partner’s heart, or bed. has a huge variety of swimwear that features spandex as a common material. There are plenty of other materials that you can use for a bodysuit as well. Things like vinyl and leather are extremely common, but can become overly expensive if you aren’t careful. Just think of how much money a single pair of leather pants can cost you at a clothing store and you will understand why a bodysuit of leather is probably not the way you want to go if you are on a budget. But a men’s Spandex bodysuit can be very reasonable pricewise, and you don’t have to worry about taking out a second mortgage on your home just to get it delivered. That in itself is enough to make just about anyone wanting a bodysuit to turn to Spandex over leather.

Vinyl and PVC are other materials that are used in the fetish industry pretty heavily these days as well. The difference between these materials and Spandex is in the endurance of the materials in questions. Spandex is extremely durable as it is mainly used in the exercise world, whereas vinyl and PVC can actually tear fairly easily if you are not watching what you are doing. Nothing is worse than walking down the street in vinyl pants and having them rip just because you dropped your mobile phone and had to bend over and pick it up. These materials do not stretch very well and can cause all kinds of embarrassing situations if you aren’t careful. But a mens Spandex bodysuit will stretch enough so that you don’t ever have to worry about ripping out the fabric just because you moved in a strange manner or direction.

When you take all things into consideration, you’ll most likely come to the conclusion that Spandex is the perfect material to test when it comes to fetish wear.