Mens spandex bodysuit going sexy and extreme

mens spandex bodysuit designs covers everything from full mens spandex bodysuit styles to minimal cock wear mens spandex bodysuit styles and all types of fashions in between.

The worlds most extreme mens spandex bodysuit designs come from koalaswim mens swimwear, spandex sex wear and Lycra fetish wear all created by the designer Michael David.  Their creations are blow away insane. I thought I would include a description of one of their newer suits and a photo of an up-coming design.

The description and photo are sure to get you aroused if you are into mens spandex bodysuit fashion


Fearless Thong

One of the
newest designs for the Ass Spark swimwear, the Fearless Thong, takes that sensual Spark and puts it into a thong
that you will never want to take off. The Fearless
is one of those swimsuits that draws attention from everyone around
you and places it exactly where it needs to be; on you! The best thing about this particular item is that you can
purchase it with or without the Ass Spark so you know you are getting your
money’s worth whenever you put it on and walk out of the house with it.

The Ass
Spark line of swimwear is one of’s highest selling lines and the Fearless Thong is the natural evolution
of that design line. Customers started sending emails as soon as the Ass Spark
design hit the market wondering where the thong version was. So
decided to jump on the ambitions of those customers. Now, you get the quality
and fit of the Ass Spark design with the sexy feel and look of the Fearless Thong all in one piece that you
will absolutely adore wearing.

Whether you
are out on the beach enjoying the sun or looking for something to wear for a
night in with your partner, there is nothing better than the Fearless Thong. Once you put this bad
boy on, you will wish that you were out on the beach having the time of your
life. This is one of those designs that you just can’t live without no matter
what kind of swimwear you prefer to wear. Few other designers out there could
come up with something this unique and is giving you the chance
to experience it in all its wonderful glory. Pick yours up today and see what
it’s like to wear something this sexy.


mens spandex bodysuit

Extreme mens spandex bodysuit