Mens Spandex Bodysuit and Work


Mens Spandex Bodysuit and Work

I have a
mens Spandex bodysuit that I wear specifically to work and nowhere else. I
think that wearing a bodysuit like that makes my job a lot easier these days. I
do tend to get some looks from my coworkers even though most of them already
know that I wear these bodysuits under my clothes. Now, I do have to be a bit
careful when dealing with our clients in business meetings, but that is usually
the only time I have any issues in regards to wearing a bodysuit.




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My mens Spandex
bodysuit is so comfortable while I am working that I constantly find myself
staying later every day. I really don’t want to take it off even after work,
but being able to wear it while I am sitting in my office is the prize I give
myself for working hard. Some guys prefer to buy expensive toys and things of
that nature, but I simply look forward to pulling on my bodysuit in the morning
and heading off to a job that I am good at and that I enjoy more than anything.
If wearing a bodysuit could give you those kinds of feelings, wouldn’t you wear
one to work every day too?