My First Mens Spandex Bodysuit

My First Mens Spandex Bodysuit

One of the
most interesting things I have ever worn in my life was a mens Spandex bodysuit
on a dare. My friends and I got together for a lot of heavy drinking, and dared
each other to wear things like these Spandex bodysuits and run around the block
to see how people in the neighborhood would react. Naturally, the bodysuit that
I wore was the most erotic option out of all of them, but I actually enjoyed
putting it on and wearing it. In fact, I ended up wearing it for the rest of
that night even though my friends thought I was being weird about it.

I fell in
love with that mens Spandex bodysuit that night and I think I still have it
somewhere in my closet. Naturally, I have purchased new ones since then, and
some that aren’t quite as erotic in nature as that first one was. I tend to
enjoy wearing them every chance I get and that usually means that I have to
wear them to work. The good news is that I work as a mechanic and am constantly
wearing coveralls so that I don’t get my clothes all greasy. No one in the shop
knows that I am wearing Spandex under my coveralls, either.


designs including bikinis,
thongs, micro swimwear, sheer swimwear, micro thongs, jockstrap style suits,
short shorts and so much more!

You can wear
mens Spandex bodysuit options all the time if you take the time to find the
ones that you can cover up with your clothing properly. If you were wearing a
body suit and walking around in a tank top and shorts, then there is a very good
chance people are going to notice it. If they didn’t notice it, then there is
something seriously wrong with them and you should probably stay away from them
at all costs. They will usually have something on their minds that involves
pain if you know what I mean. On the other hand, if you’re into that sort of
thing, then go for it!

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