The Right Way to Wear a Mens Spandex Bodysuit Under Clothes

The Right Way to Wear a Mens Spandex Bodysuit Under Clothes

I tried
wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit to work the other day and got laughed out of
the office. As it turned out, the suit I was wearing made a rather unpleasant
sound every time I moved during the late afternoon hours. I recall there being
quite a lot of sweat being involved since I was wearing my bodysuit under my
dress suit, but everyone in the office thought that I was having some kind of a
strange bowel episode so I had to go home early. I guess it was for the best
since I couldn’t just come out and tell them what I was wearing.

So I have
learned to not wear my mens Spandex bodysuit without something on underneath it
to keep me dry while wearing a dress suit. It took me making a complete fool of
myself in order to learn this lesson, but I have made the best of it. Now that
I know I sweat a lot while wearing Spandex under my clothing, I can adjust the
way I get dressed in the morning and still enjoy the feeling of being
completely wrapped up in Spandex every single day. I can now go to work wearing
my bodysuit and no one will think anything of it.


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