Finding a Way to Wear My Mens Spandex Bodysuit

If you haven’t had the chance to wear a mens spandex bodysuit all day long, then you are really missing out. I thought that wearing something like this would be a huge mistake while I was at work but, as it turns out, it is rather comfortable. I am able to wear it under my clothes so that no one knows I have it on, and having that kind of a secret is very fun. I love the fact that people see me in a good mood and they have no idea that it’s because I am wearing a spandex bodysuit under my clothes.

I do have a lot more fun wearing my mens spandex bodysuit without covering it up, though. I have often thought about wearing nothing except my bodysuit to work, but I am sure it wouldn’t go over that well. In fact, I would bet that I would end up getting fired rather quickly if I did something like that.  But wearing it around the house when no one else is around is just as much fun as I would have taking it out in public like that. Plus, I won’t get fired for wearing it when no one else is there.

I highly recommend wearing a mens spandex bodysuit if you ever get the chance. There is nothing quite like the constriction that you get from a bodysuit mixed with the freedom of movement that you can get from spandex. At least that is the way it feels to me while I am wearing mine. Some guys might not like those two things combined, but I rather enjoy it. I think I will wear my bodysuit on Halloween to the office just to see what people will say about it. The good thing is that I can’t get fired for wearing a costume.


Where to Wear My Mens Spandex Bodysuit

I have been wearing my mens spandex bodysuit for a few years but did my best to not take them out in public due to the fear of what people may think about me. I figured that most people wouldn’t understand why I would want to wear something like this and they would think that there was something wrong with me. I didn’t mind all that much, though, since I still got to wear my bodysuit around the house. I like to think of it as my alone time and look forward to it when I have had a hard day at work.

However, I have noticed that there are some guys in the world wearing a mens spandex bodysuit out in public and it doesn’t seem like anyone thinks it’s all that weird, after all. So I started thinking that it might be about time for me to put on my bodysuit and take it out for a test drive, so to speak. I just have to figure out where I am going to wear it so that I can make sure I won’t be upsetting anyone that might not appreciate the comfort I experience while wearing it.

I thought about wearing my mens spandex bodysuit to work, but I think the people I work with wouldn’t enjoy it as much. I do know of a beach not too far away that I could probably wear my bodysuit to and no one would think it odd. Maybe I should try wearing it there and see what it would be like. I hope that I am able to enjoy my day out in my bodysuit, but even if I have the worst day of my life; it will still be good because of what I will be wearing while enjoying the sun and surf.


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The Pros and Cons of Wearing a Mens Spandex Bodysuit



I enjoy wearing my mens spandex bodysuit whenever I get the chance, but that usually doesn’t happen very often. I have been working so much lately that I don’t really get the chance to enjoy my bodysuit as much as I would like. So when I do it’s an all or nothing type of thing for me. As soon as I put my bodysuit on, I become a completely different man. It’s like all the stress in the world melts off my shoulders and I can finally enjoy a few moments of complete freedom from it all.

I have tried wearing my mens spandex bodysuit while I am working, but I have to focus on what I am doing and that isn’t possible when wearing my bodysuit. I tend to drift off now and then and think about what I am wearing more than anything else. It has actually gotten me in a bit of trouble on occasion. So I stopped wearing it to work because it was just too relaxing for me. Strange how something like that could be an issue for a guy like me, but it is what it is I guess.

When I do get a chance to wear my mens spandex bodysuit, I usually just sit around the house and enjoy the moment. I have tried going out to clubs and things of that nature, but I feel like people are staring at me. I know I am being paranoid about it, but some people just don’t understand why a guy would wear something like this. Of course I don’t have a partner right now because it’s difficult to find someone in my area that would understand wearing a bodysuit. I do keep looking, though, just in case I find that miracle person that I can spend the rest of my life with. Maybe that person would also get into wearing a bodysuit with me.


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Wearing My Mens Spandex Bodysuit to Work

I wore my mens spandex bodysuit to work the other day and got a kick out of the creations. We had a casual dress day where we could wear whatever we wanted to wear in order to feel relaxed. I chose to wear my bodysuit but I also took some jeans and a t-shirt just in case it caused any problems. Since I am basically the office clown, most of the people thought it was funny. There was one person in the office that didn’t seem to find it as amusing as the others and I think it’s because he has one at home.

Even my boss thought it was funny when I walked in wearing my mens spandex bodysuit, which is odd because he is usually the one in the office that has no sense of humor at all. But he made a few comments about my bodysuit that showed me he was human after all and not the unemotional robot that the rumors had been saying all these years. The hardest part of wearing my bodysuit to work was the bus ride downtown, though, since most of those people didn’t know it was casual dress day and simply thought I was a complete fool.

I could have worn the other mens spandex bodysuit that I have at home, but I don’t think they would have approved of the modifications I made to it. I’m quite sure that they would have drawn the line at casual dress when they saw my cock flopping around out of my bodysuit. It probably would have scared them that I added a hood to the suit in order to hide my face. In fact, they most likely would have called the cops on me if I walked in wearing that suit. But the one that I did wear was well received and I will be wearing it again real soon.


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Wearing my Mens Spandex Bodysuit in Public

The last time I wore my mens Spandex bodysuit in public I had way more attention than I actually wanted to have. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that it was about 20 degrees outside and I was wearing only the bodysuit. You see, I had lost a bet that a friend of mine had made with me and this was the punishment that I had to endure. We both enjoy wearing bodysuits around the house and to parties when we can, but wearing it out in this type of cold weather and in public never happened in the past.

I thought about wearing my Spandex bodysuit out in public once but figured that people would look at me and think I was nuts. Not because I have rather large testicles and they are easily shown off while wearing this type of item, but because the bodysuit I have is kind of a salmon color, not quite pink but not quite red, either. People don’t seem to think most guys should wear clothing like that out in public, especially when it comes to wearing a bodysuit in general. On top of that, wearing it out when it’s that cold is a bit nutty.

The way people were looking at me in my mens Spandex bodysuit showed me that the general public just isn’t ready for things like this to become normal. They are too wrapped up in all those things that the mainstream tells them they should be interested in to fully understand that wearing a bodysuit doesn’t change the person you are. It just makes the person you are a lot more comfortable in life. If they only knew how many times I was wearing a bodysuit under my clothes while they were smiling and chatting with me on the sidewalk or in the office, their heads might explode.




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Mens Spandex Bodysuit as a Fetish

Looking through the sites online that are selling
mens Spandex bodysuit options these days has shown me that my little fetish has
grown immensely over the years. I used to think that I was probably one of a
handful of guys that would actually consider wearing a bodysuit around the
house but, as it turns out, there are a lot more of us than I ever would have
imagined. I saw a site the other day that put the estimates up in the millions
of guys that are wearing bodysuits and that, to me, is an exciting thing to

I have always been looking for other guys that were
interested in wearing mens Spandex bodysuit designs for the fun of it and
thinking that I was the only one in town was getting a bit depressing. But
seeing as how there are so many guys wearing them, I am sure that I will be
able to find a couple of guys, probably in my neighborhood, that I could hang
out with. We could start up a little club and wear our bodysuits whenever we
met up. I think that would be a lot of fun to experience some day.

Another thing I have discovered is the fact that
this fetish for wearing mens Spandex bodysuit designs goes way beyond what I
would consider normal behavior. I don’t have any problems with guys enjoying
things like this, but there is a line that I just can’t cross when it comes to
enjoying a fetish. Of course these guys cross that line and leave it in the
dust at times, but I still commend them for taking their lives into their own
hands. Maybe one of these days I will start experimenting with some other
options of this fetish and see what might be out there for me.

Crazy Ways to Wear Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Crazy Ways to Wear Mens Spandex Bodysuit

My mens Spandex bodysuit is probably the one article
of clothing I have that I take with me everywhere I go. I have worn it to the
office during the day and taken it out to the clubs at night. I have even taken
it with me on vacation so that I could enjoy wearing my bodysuit while relaxing
on the beach. Of course, taking something like this to a beach will get you
plenty of strange looks from people, mainly because everyone else is wearing
swimwear of some kind and I am laying around in a bodysuit. I can guarantee
that the looks I get then are almost comical.

I wore my first mens Spandex bodysuit on a dare that
I lost in college. I pretended that I hated every second of having the thing on
but, to be honest, I fell in love with it almost as soon as I had it on all the
way. There is something so sexy about wearing something that constricts around
your body so much but still gives you the freedom of movement that Spandex is
known for. I never told any of my friends that I enjoyed that bodysuit and ended
up purchasing one just like it a few days later.

Hiding the fact that I am wearing a mens Spandex
bodysuit is fairly easy these days, especially where I work. I have to do the
whole suit and tie thing for work so slipping a bodysuit on under my clothes
isn’t too difficult to do. It does tend to get hot in all those layers on
occasion, but I find it worth it when I can enjoy life in ways that others know
nothing about. One of these days, I might just walk into work wearing nothing except
my bodysuit just to see the looks on everyone’s faces, but that probably won’t
happen until the day I decide to leave. Until then, I kind of need my job.

Getting to Know a mens Spandex Bodysuit

Getting to Know a mens Spandex Bodysuit

There is
something very special about wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit for me. I was
always one of those guys that like wearing loose fitting clothing rather than
anything tight, but these bodysuits just seem to make me feel better when I
have them molded to my body. It’s odd how something like this can actually make
me feel physically more attractive as well. I think it’s because of the fact
that the Spandex shows off certain parts of my body in ways that other
materials never seem to be able to do. Of course, I’m not out in public with my
Spandex on all that much for people to notice.

I have tried
wearing my mens Spandex bodysuit under my clothes a couple of times, but that
just isn’t very comfortable to me. I have heard of guys wearing them while
working, but I simply can’t understand how something like that would be
possible for me. I would be so uncomfortable wearing them under my clothes that
I would be paying more attention to trying to be comfortable rather than the
job I was hired to do. But when I am at home, I throw on my bodysuit and enjoy
my down time.

If you think
that you might be interested in wearing mens Spandex bodysuit items, then start
looking around online at what designs are available. Something like this isn’t
for everyone but some guys find them to be more comfortable than any other
clothing they have ever worn. I will tell you that if you put your bodysuit on
for the first time and enjoy it, then you are going to end up buying more of
them. These things can become quite addictive and you will want to try
different styles whenever you see one in a shop or online. It is a very simple
act to try one out just to see how you feel. Then you can join all of the other
men in the world that love these Spandex bodysuits.

Mens Spandex Bodysuit for Relaxation

Mens Spandex Bodysuit for Relaxation

I love
wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit around the house. There is something about
being able to relax in material like this that makes my daily stress levels
plunge. Since I work in the corporate world I have found that my stress levels
have risen beyond anything I could have ever imagined. But as soon as I get
home, I like to slip into my bodysuit and have a nice cold drink. It’s like all
the things that were bothering me that day slip off into the past and I don’t
have to think about them anymore.

Some of the
mens Spandex bodysuit designs that I have seen online are a bit too much for
even me to wear comfortably. I know there are going to be guys in the world
that will get a kick out of wearing things like this, but I like to keep things
a little simpler in my life. I don’t need all the extra stuff being attached to
them or anything in order to enjoy them. I just need the most basic design in Spandex
and I am good to go no matter what I might be going through at the moment.

I would
suggest taking a closer look at the mens Spandex bodysuit designs online to see
if there is anything available that you might enjoy trying on. Even if they
look a bit funny to you at first, once you have that first one on, you will
find that wearing them is much easier to do than you might have thought. It
does take a bit of time to get used to them but it’s definitely worth the
effort and time you put into it. Once you get used to wearing something like
this, you will find that your entire life has changed and, usually, for the


Mens Spandex Bodysuit and the General Public

Mens Spandex Bodysuit and the General Public

I have often
wondered what it would take to wear a mens Spandex bodysuit while I was at work
but, since I have to wear certain kinds of clothes, it usually isn’t the best
idea. I do get the chance to wear them when I get home so that I can relax but
there are times when I would really like to wear a bodysuit under my clothes
while I was at work. Unfortunately, the suits that I have would end up being
highly noticeable since they all have full hoods attached to them.

I have
thought about buying a new mens Spandex bodysuit that didn’t have a hood
attached to it but that is one of the things about wearing them that I truly
enjoy. I love being able to live a few moments of my life anonymously even if
it’s just  in the privacy of my own home
without anyone being able to see me doing it. It may sound a bit odd to most
people that I would enjoy wearing something like this but it’s something that I
honestly love participating in and nothing is going to stop me from doing it in
my own home.

If I could
just figure out a way of wearing my mens Spandex bodysuit out in public or at
work, then I think my life could finally be complete. I keep hoping that
someday in the future, things of this nature will be much more common and
people will be able to live out their fantasies right out in public. When that
day comes around, I will be one of the first to don my Spandex and walk out
into a crowd with my head held high. I think it would end up being something
that could literally change the world for the better if people would simply
accept it. Of course, then it might become so commonplace that people won’t
even think of it as a fetish any longer.


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