Moving Past the Oddity of Wearing a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Moving Past the Oddity of Wearing a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

If you think
wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit to work is a bit odd, well it is. The first
time I did it I was constantly thinking that someone was going to notice that I
had it on and try to ask me about it. I really didn’t want to answer anyone’s
questions about what I was wearing and I really didn’t think it was any of
their business what I was wearing under my clothes. Thankfully, I made it
through the day without anyone saying anything, but I sure did get a lot of
strange looks as I walked around the office that day.

I am sure
that just wearing the mens Spandex bodysuit was the reason that I was getting
all of those looks, though. In fact, I think it had more to do with the fact
that I was so self-conscious about wearing something of that nature that did
it. If I would have remained calm and casual about wearing something like that,
then they wouldn’t have even noticed me. This is exactly how they do it now and
I have been wearing my bodysuit every day for a week. No one seems to notice a
thing when I walk by now and none of them are staring at me. This is


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