The Pros and Cons of Wearing a Mens Spandex Bodysuit



I enjoy wearing my mens spandex bodysuit whenever I get the chance, but that usually doesn’t happen very often. I have been working so much lately that I don’t really get the chance to enjoy my bodysuit as much as I would like. So when I do it’s an all or nothing type of thing for me. As soon as I put my bodysuit on, I become a completely different man. It’s like all the stress in the world melts off my shoulders and I can finally enjoy a few moments of complete freedom from it all.

I have tried wearing my mens spandex bodysuit while I am working, but I have to focus on what I am doing and that isn’t possible when wearing my bodysuit. I tend to drift off now and then and think about what I am wearing more than anything else. It has actually gotten me in a bit of trouble on occasion. So I stopped wearing it to work because it was just too relaxing for me. Strange how something like that could be an issue for a guy like me, but it is what it is I guess.

When I do get a chance to wear my mens spandex bodysuit, I usually just sit around the house and enjoy the moment. I have tried going out to clubs and things of that nature, but I feel like people are staring at me. I know I am being paranoid about it, but some people just don’t understand why a guy would wear something like this. Of course I don’t have a partner right now because it’s difficult to find someone in my area that would understand wearing a bodysuit. I do keep looking, though, just in case I find that miracle person that I can spend the rest of my life with. Maybe that person would also get into wearing a bodysuit with me.


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Moving Past the Oddity of Wearing a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Moving Past the Oddity of Wearing a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

If you think
wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit to work is a bit odd, well it is. The first
time I did it I was constantly thinking that someone was going to notice that I
had it on and try to ask me about it. I really didn’t want to answer anyone’s
questions about what I was wearing and I really didn’t think it was any of
their business what I was wearing under my clothes. Thankfully, I made it
through the day without anyone saying anything, but I sure did get a lot of
strange looks as I walked around the office that day.

I am sure
that just wearing the mens Spandex bodysuit was the reason that I was getting
all of those looks, though. In fact, I think it had more to do with the fact
that I was so self-conscious about wearing something of that nature that did
it. If I would have remained calm and casual about wearing something like that,
then they wouldn’t have even noticed me. This is exactly how they do it now and
I have been wearing my bodysuit every day for a week. No one seems to notice a
thing when I walk by now and none of them are staring at me. This is


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Trying out a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Trying out a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

If you
really want to see peoples’ reaction to you wearing something different, then
you need to try on a mens Spandex bodysuit and walk around in public. People
don’t seem to understand what kind of pleasure you can get out of wearing
something like this because wearing one of these bodysuits in public will
definitely show you what people are thinking. You are going to get some of the
most entertaining looks you could ever have imagined and, even if you feel like
a complete fool for doing it, you should never let their looks and attitudes
get to you.


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The mens Spandex
bodysuit is an item of clothing that will show you what kind of person you
really are even if you are only wearing it in your bedroom. It will fit snuggly
around your body and show you where any trouble spots might be as well, so be
prepared. But once you get a great looking body inside one of these suits, you
will start to notice that more people are taking notice of you and not looking
at you like you are crazy. I wear mine all the time, even under my clothes, and
enjoy every single minute I have it on.


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