Moving Past the Oddity of Wearing a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Moving Past the Oddity of Wearing a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

If you think
wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit to work is a bit odd, well it is. The first
time I did it I was constantly thinking that someone was going to notice that I
had it on and try to ask me about it. I really didn’t want to answer anyone’s
questions about what I was wearing and I really didn’t think it was any of
their business what I was wearing under my clothes. Thankfully, I made it
through the day without anyone saying anything, but I sure did get a lot of
strange looks as I walked around the office that day.

I am sure
that just wearing the mens Spandex bodysuit was the reason that I was getting
all of those looks, though. In fact, I think it had more to do with the fact
that I was so self-conscious about wearing something of that nature that did
it. If I would have remained calm and casual about wearing something like that,
then they wouldn’t have even noticed me. This is exactly how they do it now and
I have been wearing my bodysuit every day for a week. No one seems to notice a
thing when I walk by now and none of them are staring at me. This is


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, male transformation, spandex fetish, cock displays, Lycra sex wear,
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Mens Spandex Bodysuit Styles

Mens Spandex Bodysuit Styles

Spandex and Lycra wear for men. Bikinis, thongs, G-strings, sheer wear, anal wear, sex wear and extreme mens swimwear


I am really happpy to find a lot of
selections when it comes to mens spandex
because I wanted to uby a couple that I can use for a really long
time. Other than this, I wanted to also make it a point to buy the styles that
will complement my otherwise buff body because if I don’t then I think I will
have some problems with my decision.


You see, I am not one of those guys who has
a perfect body and I really need to exert extra effort when searching and
choosing the clothes that I want to wear. With this in mind, I really want to
make it a point to buy mens spandex
because it will help me achieve my goal of looking ever more
presentable compared to the past.


The mens spandex bodysuit that I plan to buy is probably one of the
best choices I can ever find in my lifetime. It’s going to really surprise my
partner because he likes these kinds of kinky and sexy stuffs. I hope that you
wouldn’t really forget to buy your own pair because it can greatly change your
sex life for sure.

Mens Spandex Body Suit For Your Personality

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At first I was quite hesistant to wear mens spandex bodysuit because I
immediately thought that I would look weird in it which I probably would have
if not for the designs I found created by Koala. Thus when I finally got
convinced that I can wear such an attire during summer and even when having
sex, I immediately purchased a piece and wore it.


To my surprise, mens spandex bodysuit are truly something else. Although they are
really tight against my skin, I didn’t feel like I was being hacked off from my
body. It felt ultra light and comfortable and I understood just how great it
can really be for sex. I was thrilled to show it around to the rest of the


I was sure that I got to inspire other
people to wear it for themselves because I’ve been seeing a lot of my friends
and the people that I know now wear it after they saw me. I am not pissed off
at them for being a copycat. In fact, I was even more thrilled and grateful
that they used me as a model for mens
spandex bodysuit

Mens spandex bodysuit designs it covers many types and styles

Mens spandex bodysuit


This blog is
about all forms of mens spandex bodysuit designs. That includes full mens
spandex bodysuit designs, partial suits, bikinis, shorts, g-strings in fact it
includes all spandex articles used on the male body. That means a mens spandex
bodysuit could be a pouch only design that covers nothing but the penis. I like
the freedom that this description of a mens spandex bodysuit offers. I have
included a couple of photos of what I feel are just amazing new spandex styles
for men. These designs are called anal wear because these designs have hooks
and/or plugs that are working parts of the designs that are inserted into the
anus and they generally connect the front pouch to the rear part of the suit.
As you can see in the photos the suit would not work without it. This design
uses a mens swimwear Ass Spark combo anal plug cock ring unit.
These are used on many of Koala’s anal wear mens spandex bodysuit fashions!

Mens spandex bodysuit