Mens Spandex Bodysuit Awareness

There is something comforting about wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit that is kind of hard to explain. I have tried to think of the words that I could use to describe the sensation I get when I put my bodysuit on but nothing really comes to mind. It’s something that you simply have to try out for yourself if you truly want to know what it’s like. Of course, you are going to have to prepare yourself for what is about to happen to you and that can take a bit of time on your part.

Wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit for the very first time is going to feel rather strange in the beginning. There was actually a point in time when I thought I was going to pass out because of the constriction that was happening to me. But once I let go of the panic I was feeling; I was able to move on and start to enjoy myself a bit more. Once that happened, I was able to understand why others would want to wear these bodysuits all the time. I also understand why some people are a bit uncomfortable with seeing a guy wearing them.




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I love my mens Spandex bodysuit and I don’t plan on going without them for very long. There might be a day or two when I don’t have it on but, any longer than that, and I start to feel out of sorts. I guess is a good thing that I own multiple bodysuits so that I can always have a fresh one on when I need it. Some people may think I am a bit nuts for wearing things like this, but I don’t really care what they think. I enjoy the freedom that I have and that is all that really matters to me anymore.