Mens spandex bodysuit butt plug powered

Mens spandex bodysuit butt plug powered is a extreme mens swimwear design that has a thong rear that is help in place with a butt plug. Can you believe a mens spandex bodysuit that give you anal stimulation on the beach! This is a photo of me wearing one from my collection. It comes with two size plugs in the photo I am wearing the larger 6″ plug and it feels great. These designs take mens spandex bodysuit styles to a different more exciting level.


mens spandex bodysuit with butt plug

Mens spandex bodysuit designs it covers many types and styles

Mens spandex bodysuit


This blog is
about all forms of mens spandex bodysuit designs. That includes full mens
spandex bodysuit designs, partial suits, bikinis, shorts, g-strings in fact it
includes all spandex articles used on the male body. That means a mens spandex
bodysuit could be a pouch only design that covers nothing but the penis. I like
the freedom that this description of a mens spandex bodysuit offers. I have
included a couple of photos of what I feel are just amazing new spandex styles
for men. These designs are called anal wear because these designs have hooks
and/or plugs that are working parts of the designs that are inserted into the
anus and they generally connect the front pouch to the rear part of the suit.
As you can see in the photos the suit would not work without it. This design
uses a mens swimwear Ass Spark combo anal plug cock ring unit.
These are used on many of Koala’s anal wear mens spandex bodysuit fashions!

Mens spandex bodysuit



Mens spandex bodysuit lovers make sure to take a peek

If you are into wearing or checking out other guys wearing mens spandex bodysuit designs make sure to drop by Koala Mens swimwear. They just added about 16 new designs. All are super hot and some are so intense they will get you wet on contact. The combo ball and shaft stretcher is amazing and the over the shoulders cock stretching cock display suit are fantastic. Everything is just so blow away. If you wear mens spandex bodysuit designs don’t miss this exciting display of spandex insanity!