Mens Spandex Bodysuit and World Peace


I have been wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit for almost two years now. I guess I should clarify that a little. I haven’t been wearing the same bodysuit for two years non-stop. I have multiple bodysuits that I change out every day so that I can be as comfortable as possible in my daily life. I know it sounds weird to wear something like this every day but I just don’t feel normal unless I have one on. Thankfully, I am able to get away with wearing one at work since I am self-employed and run my own business.

It’s nice not having to worry about my boss freaking out because I am wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit under my clothes. I know that the last office I worked in; people didn’t have much variety in their lives and wearing something like this would have been discovered rather quickly. I don’t know if anyone would have said anything to me about it or not, but I wasn’t wearing one then so I guess it doesn’t really matter. I just know that some people don’t understand why a guy would wear something like this and that can cause issues in the workplace.

I chose to wear a mens Spandex bodysuit simply because I was looking for something different in my life. I was tired of living the same old existence that everyone else expected of me and these bodysuits caught my attention. I know people won’t understand why I wear one, but that really isn’t my concern. My only concern is to live my life in a manner that makes me happy and that is what I am doing. I feel that if more people would live their lives in this same manner there would be more happy people in the world and less violence. Just think: wearing a Spandex bodysuit might just bring about world peace.


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Enjoying Your Mens Spandex Bodysuit

When it
comes to wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit you have to think about two things.
The first thing you need to think about is where you are going to be that day
while wearing it. Now there are places where a bodysuit might come in handy at
times and there are places where you will look quite the fool. I have been in
both places and have gotten both reactions while wearing my bodysuit. Being a
fool and going to the gym in a bodysuit is not something you want to experience
unless all the other guys wear wearing them, too, by the way.

The second
thing you need to think about when wearing your mens Spandex bodysuit is the
temperature outside. If it’s not too hot, then you can get away with wearing
your bodysuit all day long and people probably won’t notice all that much.
Since it is a full bodysuit, you have to have pants and a long sleeved shirt on
to cover up your suit. If the temperature is pretty hot, then you are going to
be sweating like a dog out there. People are going to notice that and think
there is something wrong with you.

I have worn
my mens Spandex bodysuit in all kinds of places and there are ways of getting
around people noticing, but you have to think ahead a bit. It’s important that
you don’t simply decide to go somewhere you have never been in your bodysuit at
the spur of the moment. While it may be exciting, it can also turn into one of
the worst experiences of your life if you aren’t careful. Be tactful and plan
ahead for scenarios like that so that you have an out if you need one. Most of
all have as much fun as you can in your bodysuit.



Mens Spandex Bodysuit as a Fetish

Looking through the sites online that are selling
mens Spandex bodysuit options these days has shown me that my little fetish has
grown immensely over the years. I used to think that I was probably one of a
handful of guys that would actually consider wearing a bodysuit around the
house but, as it turns out, there are a lot more of us than I ever would have
imagined. I saw a site the other day that put the estimates up in the millions
of guys that are wearing bodysuits and that, to me, is an exciting thing to

I have always been looking for other guys that were
interested in wearing mens Spandex bodysuit designs for the fun of it and
thinking that I was the only one in town was getting a bit depressing. But
seeing as how there are so many guys wearing them, I am sure that I will be
able to find a couple of guys, probably in my neighborhood, that I could hang
out with. We could start up a little club and wear our bodysuits whenever we
met up. I think that would be a lot of fun to experience some day.

Another thing I have discovered is the fact that
this fetish for wearing mens Spandex bodysuit designs goes way beyond what I
would consider normal behavior. I don’t have any problems with guys enjoying
things like this, but there is a line that I just can’t cross when it comes to
enjoying a fetish. Of course these guys cross that line and leave it in the
dust at times, but I still commend them for taking their lives into their own
hands. Maybe one of these days I will start experimenting with some other
options of this fetish and see what might be out there for me.