These are wild mens spandex bodysuit styles

Mens spandex bodysuit designs can mean many different styles. Some would say that a mens spandex bodysuit would need to cover the entire body some would include the head but I expand the idea of a bodysuit to include sexual bodysuits. These are designs that have been created to enhance, amplify, heighten and bring your sexual experience to a higher level. To that end I am listing a few new designs that were just added to Koala. For those of you not familiar with Koala they create some of the wildest spandex swim, sex and fetish designs for men. I have a huge collection of their designs and have just placed an order for many more. The new designs I am talking about fall into my idea of mens spandex bodysuit fashion though they are very extreme and include anal penetration. They are the Ass Virgin, Ass Instructor and Ass Master.

They are all takes on the same design. They are suspender style spandex suits that stretch the shaft and use rear anal hooks as part of the style. They are insane but as crazy as they are I want one. I have tried other Koala penetration designs and they are awesome. You are stimulated every second you have it on. I have even used one under my clothing at work. What a fantastic day that was a smile never left my face!



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