Wearing my Mens Spandex Bodysuit in Public

The last time I wore my mens Spandex bodysuit in public I had way more attention than I actually wanted to have. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that it was about 20 degrees outside and I was wearing only the bodysuit. You see, I had lost a bet that a friend of mine had made with me and this was the punishment that I had to endure. We both enjoy wearing bodysuits around the house and to parties when we can, but wearing it out in this type of cold weather and in public never happened in the past.

I thought about wearing my Spandex bodysuit out in public once but figured that people would look at me and think I was nuts. Not because I have rather large testicles and they are easily shown off while wearing this type of item, but because the bodysuit I have is kind of a salmon color, not quite pink but not quite red, either. People don’t seem to think most guys should wear clothing like that out in public, especially when it comes to wearing a bodysuit in general. On top of that, wearing it out when it’s that cold is a bit nutty.

The way people were looking at me in my mens Spandex bodysuit showed me that the general public just isn’t ready for things like this to become normal. They are too wrapped up in all those things that the mainstream tells them they should be interested in to fully understand that wearing a bodysuit doesn’t change the person you are. It just makes the person you are a lot more comfortable in life. If they only knew how many times I was wearing a bodysuit under my clothes while they were smiling and chatting with me on the sidewalk or in the office, their heads might explode.




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Relaxing in My Mens Spandex Bodysuit


Looking for a new mens Spandex bodysuit has taken me to various websites that I didn’t even know existed. Not too long ago, I would have had to try to find a sex shop that sold things of this nature and hope they had one in my size. Now, I can sit around at home and order stuff online that I know will make me happy. Of course that also means that I have way more variety I have to work my way through in order to find the items that I actually want to purchase.

I think the main reason that I enjoy wearing my mens Spandex bodysuit is because of the way it makes me feel when I have one on. There are times when I am stressed out and depressed and, when I put my bodysuit on, all those feelings just slip away. I can pull on my bodysuit and simply sit on the sofa and enjoy the comfort and peace that I get. Now that isn’t something that most guys can say about items they might wear in order to relax and have fun. That is what I need the most in my life right now and that is why I enjoy my bodysuit.


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Just because a guy enjoys wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with him. A lot of guys think that wearing things like this makes them some kind of a freak or something, but it doesn’t. The amount of comfort you can gain from wearing an item of this nature is so intense that you would never think it would be possible to feel that way. There are some things in life that you just have to trust in order to actually get anything out of them and this is what I have trusted. I haven’t regretted it a single second.


Enjoying Your Mens Spandex Bodysuit

When it
comes to wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit you have to think about two things.
The first thing you need to think about is where you are going to be that day
while wearing it. Now there are places where a bodysuit might come in handy at
times and there are places where you will look quite the fool. I have been in
both places and have gotten both reactions while wearing my bodysuit. Being a
fool and going to the gym in a bodysuit is not something you want to experience
unless all the other guys wear wearing them, too, by the way.

The second
thing you need to think about when wearing your mens Spandex bodysuit is the
temperature outside. If it’s not too hot, then you can get away with wearing
your bodysuit all day long and people probably won’t notice all that much.
Since it is a full bodysuit, you have to have pants and a long sleeved shirt on
to cover up your suit. If the temperature is pretty hot, then you are going to
be sweating like a dog out there. People are going to notice that and think
there is something wrong with you.

I have worn
my mens Spandex bodysuit in all kinds of places and there are ways of getting
around people noticing, but you have to think ahead a bit. It’s important that
you don’t simply decide to go somewhere you have never been in your bodysuit at
the spur of the moment. While it may be exciting, it can also turn into one of
the worst experiences of your life if you aren’t careful. Be tactful and plan
ahead for scenarios like that so that you have an out if you need one. Most of
all have as much fun as you can in your bodysuit.