Mens spandex bodysuit style

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Continued from last post

Now, my
friends had hoped that there would be a bunch of old people power walking when
I showed up dressed in my mens Spandex
but that just wasn’t the case. Instead, even the old ladies that
would have been power walking were dressed in various Spandex styles that
probably shouldn’t have been worn out in public, if you catch my drift.
Regardless of what you think about Spandex, some people should put it down and
walk away for the safety of others that might have to see them wearing it.

My mens Spandex bodysuit was starting to
get a bit hot since it was a pretty warm day out, and I was sweating profusely
as I walked into the crowd of people at the park. I have never met anyone that
had a Spandex fetish before, and was a bit afraid for my sexuality to begin
with, but it turns out that everyone there was extremely nice and polite when I
walked up. I even got some tips on how to stay cool while wearing a Spandex
bodysuit outside by a few people, and it seemed like a genuinely pleasant group
of people to hang out with.

My friends
were too afraid to walk into the park because of all the people wearing Spandex,
but I fit in perfectly with my mens Spandex
that I was wearing. I was only there for a few minutes when I saw
one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen before walking towards me. She
was also dressed in a bodysuit made of Spandex, and I couldn’t help but notice
how it fit her curves like a second skin. It wasn’t until she came up to me and
looked down that I noticed my cock had instantly become erect just by looking
at her.