My Boyfriend and his Hot Mens Spandex Bodysuit

If you haven’t seen a guy wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit, you are really missing out on something exciting. My boyfriend came over one night a few years ago wearing one that he had just purchased and it was the craziest thing I had ever seen. He was showing it off to me and all I could think about was how sexy he looked. I got an erection as soon as he took his clothes off and showed me that sexy Spandex suit. It was absolutely maddening how good he looked in that tight material and he has been wearing one ever since then.

Every time we are together I make sure that he has his mens Spandex bodysuit on. I know that it might be a bit uncomfortable for him at times, especially when it’s really hot outside, but that doesn’t concern me all that much. I want to know that he is wearing that sexy suit under his clothes regardless of how uncomfortable he might be at times. Yes, I could be seen as a bit domineering at times but he doesn’t really mind it as he enjoys making me happy any chance he gets.

I have thought about wearing my own mens Spandex bodysuit but I feel a bit too claustrophobic in them for my taste. I enjoy some nice tight jeans now and then, but wearing a bodysuit just isn’t something I was made for. I would look sexy as hell in it, no doubt, but I couldn’t get over the fact that I would feel like I couldn’t breathe with it on. As long as my boyfriend keeps wearing his, though, I will live vicariously through him. Maybe one of these days I will get used to wearing material like this and I can wear my own but that just isn’t going to happen today.




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Have Some Fun in a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Have Some Fun in a Mens Spandex

If you have
never worn a mens Spandex bodysuit before, then you have no clue what you are
missing out on. The combination of constriction and comfort is so unique that
it’s almost impossible to put it down in words. I have been wearing items like
this for years now and couldn’t even come close to explaining how it feels to
wear these items to someone that has never worn Spandex. The best thing about
them is that you can actually wear these bodysuits under your clothing while
you are working unless you have short sleeves or shorts on, of course.


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Now, you have
to be prepared for what mens Spandex bodysuit options can feel like the first
time you try them on. Anyone that is claustrophobic might want to think twice
about wearing the bodysuits that come with the hoods as well. though. That can
be an experience that you won’t find very comfortable because of the
constriction aspect that Spandex brings in to the fold. However, if you love Spandex
as much as I do, then you can throw on one of these bodysuits and start having
some fun in your life like you never thought you would ever have.


Cock shaped spandex swimsuit by real men swim and bodysuits

Cock shaped spandex swimsuit by






Mens spandex bodysuit style

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Continued from last post

Now, my
friends had hoped that there would be a bunch of old people power walking when
I showed up dressed in my mens Spandex
but that just wasn’t the case. Instead, even the old ladies that
would have been power walking were dressed in various Spandex styles that
probably shouldn’t have been worn out in public, if you catch my drift.
Regardless of what you think about Spandex, some people should put it down and
walk away for the safety of others that might have to see them wearing it.

My mens Spandex bodysuit was starting to
get a bit hot since it was a pretty warm day out, and I was sweating profusely
as I walked into the crowd of people at the park. I have never met anyone that
had a Spandex fetish before, and was a bit afraid for my sexuality to begin
with, but it turns out that everyone there was extremely nice and polite when I
walked up. I even got some tips on how to stay cool while wearing a Spandex
bodysuit outside by a few people, and it seemed like a genuinely pleasant group
of people to hang out with.

My friends
were too afraid to walk into the park because of all the people wearing Spandex,
but I fit in perfectly with my mens Spandex
that I was wearing. I was only there for a few minutes when I saw
one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen before walking towards me. She
was also dressed in a bodysuit made of Spandex, and I couldn’t help but notice
how it fit her curves like a second skin. It wasn’t until she came up to me and
looked down that I noticed my cock had instantly become erect just by looking
at her.

Mens spandex bodysuit going sexy and extreme

mens spandex bodysuit designs covers everything from full mens spandex bodysuit styles to minimal cock wear mens spandex bodysuit styles and all types of fashions in between.

The worlds most extreme mens spandex bodysuit designs come from koalaswim mens swimwear, spandex sex wear and Lycra fetish wear all created by the designer Michael David.  Their creations are blow away insane. I thought I would include a description of one of their newer suits and a photo of an up-coming design.

The description and photo are sure to get you aroused if you are into mens spandex bodysuit fashion


Fearless Thong

One of the
newest designs for the Ass Spark swimwear, the Fearless Thong, takes that sensual Spark and puts it into a thong
that you will never want to take off. The Fearless
is one of those swimsuits that draws attention from everyone around
you and places it exactly where it needs to be; on you! The best thing about this particular item is that you can
purchase it with or without the Ass Spark so you know you are getting your
money’s worth whenever you put it on and walk out of the house with it.

The Ass
Spark line of swimwear is one of’s highest selling lines and the Fearless Thong is the natural evolution
of that design line. Customers started sending emails as soon as the Ass Spark
design hit the market wondering where the thong version was. So
decided to jump on the ambitions of those customers. Now, you get the quality
and fit of the Ass Spark design with the sexy feel and look of the Fearless Thong all in one piece that you
will absolutely adore wearing.

Whether you
are out on the beach enjoying the sun or looking for something to wear for a
night in with your partner, there is nothing better than the Fearless Thong. Once you put this bad
boy on, you will wish that you were out on the beach having the time of your
life. This is one of those designs that you just can’t live without no matter
what kind of swimwear you prefer to wear. Few other designers out there could
come up with something this unique and is giving you the chance
to experience it in all its wonderful glory. Pick yours up today and see what
it’s like to wear something this sexy.


mens spandex bodysuit

Extreme mens spandex bodysuit