Wearing My Mens Spandex Bodysuit to Work

I wore my mens spandex bodysuit to work the other day and got a kick out of the creations. We had a casual dress day where we could wear whatever we wanted to wear in order to feel relaxed. I chose to wear my bodysuit but I also took some jeans and a t-shirt just in case it caused any problems. Since I am basically the office clown, most of the people thought it was funny. There was one person in the office that didn’t seem to find it as amusing as the others and I think it’s because he has one at home.

Even my boss thought it was funny when I walked in wearing my mens spandex bodysuit, which is odd because he is usually the one in the office that has no sense of humor at all. But he made a few comments about my bodysuit that showed me he was human after all and not the unemotional robot that the rumors had been saying all these years. The hardest part of wearing my bodysuit to work was the bus ride downtown, though, since most of those people didn’t know it was casual dress day and simply thought I was a complete fool.

I could have worn the other mens spandex bodysuit that I have at home, but I don’t think they would have approved of the modifications I made to it. I’m quite sure that they would have drawn the line at casual dress when they saw my cock flopping around out of my bodysuit. It probably would have scared them that I added a hood to the suit in order to hide my face. In fact, they most likely would have called the cops on me if I walked in wearing that suit. But the one that I did wear was well received and I will be wearing it again real soon.


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Finding Time to Enjoy Your Mens Spandex Bodysuit


Finding Time to Enjoy Your Mens Spandex Bodysuit

I recently
purchase a mens Spandex bodysuit.  It’s
been in my closet for a week and I have yet to try it on. It’s not that I don’t
want to or I am afraid someone will see me in it, but I just don’t have the
time to enjoy it the way I want to lately. I know that I could probably put it
on under my clothes and wear it to work or something, but I want to sit back
and enjoy the Spandex covering my body and not worry about conducting business
in it. One of these days, I am going to have to put some time aside so I can
truly enjoy it.

If you have
never worn a mens Spandex bodysuit before, then you probably don’t understand
what I am talking about. You see, Spandex is one of those materials that wraps
your body in a layer of comfort you have never experienced in the past. Because
of that, I want to be able to fully enjoy that comfort without having to worry
about anything else happening in my life. Just thinking about it is making me
want to put that bodysuit on right now and sit back and enjoy it to the best of
my ability. In fact, I think that is exactly what I am going to do right now.




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mens spandex bodysuit cock stretcher by koalaswim.com ball and penis gear

mens spandex bodysuit cock stretcher by koalaswim.com ball and cock gear

Mens Spandex Bodysuit Fetish

Mens Spandex Bodysuit Fetish

If you happen to love wearing a mens Spandex
bodysuit, chances are that you’ve got a bit of a fetish regarding them. Some
men enjoy wearing them around the house on their days off while others want to
wear them all the time. These are the men that will become experts in how to
wear them underneath their everyday clothing. They have devised a plan on how
to wear them under the suits they must wear to work or any other place that
requires suit attire. Other men will wear them constantly no matter where they
are. These men don’t care very much about who sees them dressed this way or
what they think about it. Clearly, they only care that they get to wear

For those wearing a mens Spandex bodysuit, life is a
bit different on a day to day basis. Going out involves a little more planning
and devising a routine that will become a part of their lives. They feel that
it is all worth it, though, because they love the way that Spandex feels as it
encases their bodies. A pair of Spandex underwear or swimsuit won’t do it for
these guys. They must have the full experience, which requires a complete
bodysuit, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.


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Have Some Fun in a Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Mens Spandex Bodysuit

Have Some Fun in a Mens Spandex

If you have
never worn a mens Spandex bodysuit before, then you have no clue what you are
missing out on. The combination of constriction and comfort is so unique that
it’s almost impossible to put it down in words. I have been wearing items like
this for years now and couldn’t even come close to explaining how it feels to
wear these items to someone that has never worn Spandex. The best thing about
them is that you can actually wear these bodysuits under your clothing while
you are working unless you have short sleeves or shorts on, of course.


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Now, you have
to be prepared for what mens Spandex bodysuit options can feel like the first
time you try them on. Anyone that is claustrophobic might want to think twice
about wearing the bodysuits that come with the hoods as well. though. That can
be an experience that you won’t find very comfortable because of the
constriction aspect that Spandex brings in to the fold. However, if you love Spandex
as much as I do, then you can throw on one of these bodysuits and start having
some fun in your life like you never thought you would ever have.


Cock shaped spandex swimsuit by koalaswim.com real men swim and bodysuits

Cock shaped spandex swimsuit by koalaswim.com






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Creamy Girl Bikini

If you have
ever wanted to know what it was like to be a female, then you might want to get
your hands on the Creamy Girl Bikini.
There is nothing hotter than being able to wear a bikini out in public that
makes you look like you have a vagina rather than a cock. People on the beach
are going to insist that you are a female from a distance and take a second
glance back when you pass by closer to them. This is something that is going to
give you a lot of attention if you think you can handle that.

The Creamy Girl Bikini gives you the chance
to find out what it is like to be feminine while you are wearing it and, that
alone, is worth all the money in the world to most guys that want to get in
touch with their feminine side. Crossdressers around the world have been trying
to find a way to hide their manhood from view and still be able to hit the
beach like anyone else. Most of the time they strap their cocks down or tuck
them under and hope they don’t pop out accidently. Now, they have the Creamy Girl Bikini so they can get the
full feminine aspect anytime they want it.

This full
backed bikini takes your manhood and stashes it away from view like no other
design can do, and that is what makes the Creamy
Girl Bikini
such a popular item. It doesn’t matter if you are gay,
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